Is it suitable for my height?
ComfyPro is One-Size-Fits-All. It will fit you no matter what height you are.

Does it help with neck and shoulder pain?
Yes! When you use ComfyPro, your own body weight decompresses your vertebrae and neck.

How long should I use it for?
We recommend using it twice a day for 5-10 minutes at a time. This will ensure lasting results and continued comfort. Over time, it will significantly improve your posture and strengthen your muscles. You may increase your session length once you get used to it though.

Where can I use it?

Use it at home, in the office or while driving. It can be used laying down or while sitting in a chair.

How long until it helps?

Most of our customers report feeling significant improvement after 3-5 days of proper use.

Is it suitable for pregnant women? 

Yes, our ComfyPro can be used by pregnant women.

What is the ebook about?

Order TODAY to get our brand new ComfyPen™ Ebook for FREE. It is a 20 page detailed e-book, regarding how the spine works, the background of the invention + details on how you can best make use of the ComfyPro (+ pictures). Kindly add your email address at checkout, so you can receive your gift!

Does It Hurt?

Not really. The 88 acupuncture pins and groves are ergonomically designed to be placed on the muscles knots. ComfyPro uses gravity and your own body weight to create the pressure. Nothing Fancy. No electricity, no motors. If you feel the tension or pain using it, it proves that your back has been holding that much pressure over the years. Use ComfyPro regularly on a chair while sitting or on the ground, for best results. It will help your back release stress & tension. You'll be amazed how good it feels after a session!

What is the weight limit?

It can support up to 180kg or 400lb.

What is your return policy?

Free returns within 30 days of purchase.